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Setting up this Blog

Over the years I have used a few platforms for my blogs. First, there was blogspot, which surprisingly is still around. Then there was wordpress running on my own VPS. Then, being tired of hackers messing with my wordpress, I setup a Jekyll site and hosted on the Heroku which I used for many years. Finally, a few years ago I changed to Hugo and hosted on Netlify and I never really did anything with that blog.

Then when I was getting interesting in blogging again, I decided to use Github Pages, and my old friend Jekyll. I dont remember if I ever had the “auto publish” on any of my blogs but I thought I’d try it out now with Github Actions. I didn’t really want to spend alot of time configuring the blog. I watched this youtube video by Techno Tim. He intends to use his blog to document a home lab, but that is exactly part of the reason what I want to use a blog, a place to document things I’m learning and maybe it will help someone along the way.

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