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A post about Nothing

I recently watched the Seinfeld episode where they pitch their show to some producers, “A Show about Nothing”. I had heard about this term before but didn’t really know what it meant until I saw the episode and then it all made sense!

I used to blog a lot about Ruby, Clojure, a little javascript and some time management things I used to do. For some reason I stopped, but I want to start again.

In the past few years I reached my limit of using programming to amuse myself and got interested in Cybersecurity. I attended some Sans classes and was hooked. I continued until I had 6 sans certifications under my belt and a Cybersecurity Engineering Graduate Certificate. I may do more but content to now use some of what I have learned and to expand on the things I’ve learned.

I want to setup a home lab. I want to spend some time on learning (or relearning) working on some cloud environments.

I plan to write about a few things I am interested in. Mostly to keep myself accountable to keep learning even when I am not pursuing a certain certificate.

I also am learning guitar and work out at the YMCA and my home gym.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.
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