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Book review - Organize Tomorrow Today

Book review - Organize Tomorrow Today

Written by Dr. Jason Selk and Rom Bartow (with Mathew Rudy)

After being captivated by Dr. Selk’s “Relentless Solution Focus,” (I read it 4 times) I picked up “Organize Tomorrow Today,” anticipating a read that leans more towards enhancing work productivity. The book delivers its wisdom in bite-sized chapters, replete with anecdotes from various professions, demonstrating the application of its key principles.

Basic Concepts of the book:

  1. Organize Tomorrow Today
  2. Choose Wisely
  3. Maximize your time
  4. Win your fight-thrus
  5. Evaluate Correctly
  6. Learn how to talk to yourself
  7. Learn how to talk to others
  8. Become abnormal

I’ll probably talk about some of the other chapters later, but I want to start with the first one.

Organize Tomorrow Today

A quote from the first chapter captures the essence of the chapter:

Highly successful people never get it all done in any one given day – but they always get the most important things done each day.

The authors proposes a simple yet powerful strategy: identify three pivotal tasks for the day, with one designated as the non-negotiable “MUST DO.” While to-do lists are commonplace, the book introduces the concept of assigning a specific completion time to each of the top three tasks. This approach has propelled me to tackle tasks I was reluctant to start, often realizing that they took less time than expected.

Moreover, the strategy of planning tomorrow’s top three tasks at the end of the day proves to be a motivational tool. By doing so, I can hit the ground running the next morning, eliminating the time usually lost in planning and remembering what was I doing the previous day! How many times have you typed history at the terminal to remember what you last did.

The recommendation to accomplish these three tasks before 10 a.m., or at least by lunchtime, is a challenge for me since I seem to get distracted easily. However, I believe that by breaking down my tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces, this goal can become attainable.

In conclusion, “Organize Tomorrow Today” offers actionable advice for those seeking to improve their daily productivity and achieve significant results by focusing on what truly matters – first!

Now go write your 3 tasks for tomorrow!

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