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Building A Second Brain - Collection

Building a Second Brain

I had heard this phrase around the internet and was intrigued. A second brain? Sign me up! I watched some youtube videos on it and then found out there was a book. I checked it out and it is basically a way of organizing your notes so you can find them easier. I take alot of notes and sometimes I don’t remember where I put hem.

Building a Second Brain

Building a Second Brain

Creating a Knowledge Bank

What to capture??

  • Highlights from Books - Capture those from Kindle books or use ReadWise to automatically send you daily snippets of a couple of your highlights.
  • Quotes you hear or read and their source
  • Bookmarked webpages
  • Meeting Notes
  • Images you find
  • Book Summaries from books you have Read
  • Summaries from Videos you have watched – make those youtube hours more meaningful and memorable!

Criteria for collection mentioned:

  1. Does it inspire me?
  2. Is it Useful?

And I want to add:

  1. Do I want to find this again?
  2. Do i want to keep this forever?

And having it written down, frees my mind up from trying to remember it.

Capture what resonates!!

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