Getting Started in Ruby

Sites for Learning

  • PluralSight - Great site with hundreds of videos of all kinds of programming, subscription.
  • railsapps - Sample apps written in rails
  • destroyallsoftware - Screencasts for the more advanced rubyist, vim, emacs, linux, refactoring, testing. No longer producing new episodes but you can download packs that are still relevant.
  • Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl - a series of screencasts, and also the book is online for free
  • RubyWeekly - Weekly newsletter rounding up news, cool jobs

Practice Code

  • Code Wars - Small problems to solve in the browser, easy to get started and go!
  • Ruby Koans - practice ruby by making tests pass, super fun!!!! I redo these every so often
  • - small problems you can complete and get peer-reviewed, multiple languages besides ruby.
  • Project Euler - small problems you can write in any langauge


  • Ruby on Rails Guides - Great resource on the parts of rails.
  • APIDock - Look up methods in ruby or rails, link to see source (great way to learn).



  • Pomodoros - Pomordoros, helps focus time and getting things done
  • - Need some motivation? Task List / Daily Todos in a game interface, level up for real life!
  • Kanban Flow - What I use when I want to write out all the tasks for a project and track pomodoros.


Read the source

When using click see source code to learn ruby from the rails source

Read Tests

When trying to figure out how gems work, look at tests. If a gem doesn't have tests, go beat someone over the head then write some yourself. If you are having problems with a gem, look at the issues and see if yours is listed.

Join a local user group

I've learned more from this then anything I think, I've gotten jobs and made lifelong friends. Look on

Create a study group

I've done this a few times, get a few friends together to meet online and work on a project or problems together.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You can't get good at something if you don't practice.