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Coding on Car Trips

I have a big family scattered through the United States, so we do road trips. My husband drives while I code :) On my last road trip I wrote these notes:

Bring some things to do that don’t require wifi. If you have a codeschool account, download some of the videos to watch. You may not have the bandwidth to do the exercises and play along but you can at least watch the videos.

Plan on sitting in the back of the car/van so you can be away from the front windows – it can be so bright! it makes it hard to see the screen. For my Expedition I have some window cling screens to block the bright sun (and keep it cooler in the back!) and it works pretty well.

Bring an extra laptop charger. I usually travel with two, one in my bag and one in my suitcase. Because of that ONE time I left my charger in the hotel and I needed it for a presentation! When I am in the hotel I use the one in the suitcase, other places I use the one in my bag. Same goes with other chargers (phone, ipad etc).

I have this adapter to plug in my laptop and my usb cables.

Use your Ipad (or other tablet) to read tech books or look up code. To that end, get some good books, you can use search and it is almost as good as looking up docs online.

Listen to Podcasts. Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts. Just make sure to download them ahead of time if you are in the waste lands of West Texas where they don’t have cell phone towers.

Koans, I have a list of koans which are small tests to complete to help you learn coding.

Brainstorming, you may find the somewhat quietness of a roadtrip to be a perfect time to brainstorm and come up with ideas.

Happy Travels