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My Favorite Tech Podcasts

I saw someone asking about tech podcasts recently and I named off a few, but I think it is easier to put it in a blog post :) Ordered in roughly the order I am into at the moment :)

General Tech

  • The Changelog - open source discussions, interviews with a wide varity of languages
  • DotNetRocks - You might think it is all about .NET but it is not, they cover a wide variety of topics.
  • Functional Geekery - Wide variety of topics on Functional Languages.




  • defn podcast - The hosts are hillarious on this podcast and I enjoy the banter, mostly interviews with clojure developers
  • Cognicast - Hosts are from Cognitect, the “stewards of the clojure language”.



  • Ruby Rogues - I listen sometimes, I generally browse the topics to see if it looks interesting.

Game Development


  • Two Keto Dudes - About the Keto way of eating. BACON BACON!!! Also I am a bacontarian. :)
  • Into The Nexus - About Blizzard’s game Heroes of the Storm