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Digging Through Sludge

Or how to dive into a large untested project and be productive

This is how I feel sometimes when I come upon a large untested project:

I’ve been talking to folks and pondering this to be effective (in a new to me) large untested project? I was listening to RubyRogues and they mentioned this talk at Cascadia Ruby (I immedately recognize the name as one of the devchix and they praised her talk Therapeutic Refactoring. I’ve listened to it twice so far. Its kind of entertaining too!

Evan Light mentioned this book Working Effectively with Legacy Code … I think I flipped through that once in 2008, the java examples made my eyes glaze over, but I should give it another chance. He gave a talk at (Lone Star Ruby Conference)[] and refactored a bit of code by breaking it into chunks. His (slides)[]. He didn’t cover tests, but it shows practical ways to get started.

Finally, some practical techniques for diving into a codebase and starting to write tests. I think I have enough tips to get started as I dive into some code this week.