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Finding Ada - Through DevChix!

For this years Finding Ada post, I would like to highlight several members of DevChix and their contributions and inspirations to the group.

Desi McAdam - One of the co-founders of DevChix. She is always there to put some perspective on things and teach me about diplomacy. Sometimes I get frustrated and speak without thinking things though :)

Susan Potter - Very technical and has very good reasons for why and how she does things. Whenever I see her post on DevChix mailing list, I will pay close attention to what she says.

Jen Stander - Another of the co-founders of DevChix, always a good friend to listen to me and helps me plan DevChix activities in Chicago.

Ginny Hendry- Member of Chicago Ruby group, she has been instrumental in planning Hack Nights for the group and enthusiastic about learning!

Sarah Allen - Inspired me to learn more about mobile development and I am amazed at the variety of things she is doing!

Sarah Mei - Along with Sarah Allen, they both have inspired me to do something for women in Chicago. A one-day workshop or something, the Chicago DevChix have a meeting in a few weeks to plan this!

And I would like to thank all of DevChix, veterans and newcomers alike! We are nearing 400 members and really I don’t know how to explain how supportive and inspiring they are!

/tear You Ladies Rock!!!