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How to Get Better at Programming?

Sometime ago a co-worker asked me what my github name was. I had forgotten..I hadn’t used it in so long! He was surprised that I didn’t have any open source code out there! I said, umm..I haven’t written anything I think someone would want!

I tend to start projects, work a bit on them and leave them. I find something new and exciting. I get busy with school, work, and life. But I really want to make something that I can release as open source and work with people. At work, I am on a team of developers and its nice, when I am stuck or not sure if this thing is good idea, I can ask. In previous jobs, I was mostly the sole developer, or at least only one on my project.

How do I get better at programming? I’ve been thinking about this alot as I am trying to learn java (I have the syntax pretty well but there is more to a language than syntax). Well, its practice! practice and practice. Having someone review your code and get better because of it. I want to get better at Java. I want to make an android app. So I finally started one .. with someone!

I am part of this great group of ladies in DevChix. A group with me and 3 others started sometime ago. I had the idea (and this has always been in the back of my mind when I started DevChix) to start a project with someone and commit to 2-4 hours a week. I posted to the list, found someone with some experience in android and also the same desires as me. We started a really simple app (a todo list, how original!) but its a start. I threw something together which was really a collection of all my started and not finished android apps rolled into one. I had listing of tasks, add tasks didn’t work quite right. I uploaded what I had and Jessica checked it out and made it work. There is a long way to go … but… hey we started it!