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Compiling Ruby 1.8.5 on Ubuntu or I'm Not Afraid of Make

If there is one thing I learned from perl – is not to be afraid of make! I installed countless perl modules… and when I first started using Linux heavily, I had to compile some apps! Yikes. But not afraid no more…

I go to the download page to see what the latest version of Ruby is, so I can install it on my Ubuntu VM (downloaded from vmware list of virtual appliances, and running with VMWare player). I was pretty sure it was 1.8.4 but I know there is one version that won’t work… and whoa, its version 1.8.5 .. I look in my ubuntu package manager .. and they only have 1.8.4 - always up for a challenge i thought I’d try to compile it myself.

I had to install “build-essential” to get all the goodies “ld” in particular, that it complained about the first time I ran make. Here’s what I did:

Downloaded source from

sudo apt-get install build-essential

tar xvfzp ::downloaded file from rails:: and CD into that dir

sudo ./configure

sudo make

sudo make test

sudo make install

(don’t forget the sudo! or you may get strange errors!)

Then, to double check and revel in your accomplishment do:

ruby -v

Ahh! wham-bam and you are on the latest and greatest release version! Also while I was at it, I peeked at the source, poked around a bit and was thankful there are a great deal of people smarter than I who wrote this wonderful language.