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Never a Dull Moment

First of all, thanks to some howtos at I was able to get my video drivers setup. Now I’m basking in 1680x1050 glory. I can have windows side by side – almost… i usually shrink the window a bit. Very nice. People have asked me about my laptop, I got it from PowerNotebooks, this model. At the recent group meetings I’ve been at, people go “Wow .. thats some laptop!”. In fact on the train ride to the perl meeting, Josh McAdams whips out his cute little 12 inch mac, brian d foy his mid sized mac.. and here I am with my honking thing! I said look: daddy bear, momma bear and baby bear! hehe.. it was funny.

Last friday night and saturday I was at the Cit-Con testing conference. It was great, they had a variety of topics and although some weren’t really in my line of work I found them interesting. I got to talk to Jason Huggings, author of Selenium and Andy Lester, owner of the perl package WWW::Mechanize. They did a “Battle of the web testing packages” of some sort. Andy talked about Mech, and the advantages over Selenium…then Josh defended himself and talked about the pros of Selenium.

While I was there, Pete helped me with my laptop. I couldn’t install Perl modules and I wasn’t sure why. He looked at it and said I needed cc or gcc. So along with more help from Andy (I’m sure they were tired of me by end of day) I was able to get it installed..and off I go. I’ve installed Mechanize and tried it out, pretty nifty.

The following Tuesday, I went to the UniForm Chicago SIG Perl Meeting where Josh McAdams gave an extremely interesting talk on Perl::Critic, which will check your code for standards suggested in the Perl Best Practices book (very good read, even for PHP programmers). Very handy, I’m sure I will be using it alot. We had some fun and ran it on brian d foy and Andy Lesters code. heehehe.. they did ok :)

Now that I’ve been able to install Perl modules, I’ve been playing around with Andy Lesters How We Doin’ module. Kinda nice.. can’t get GNU Plot thing to work, I’ll keep trying :)