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Hey Where You Beeeen?

Note: this post was originally on my “PhpGirl” blog

Been busy over at CodeSnipers.

I wrote some posts about ruby, comparing it to PHP. Its pretty interesting to see how they compare, the readers and fellow bloggers have been really helpful in pointing out additional ways to do things as well.

I’ve been “branching” out and going to user group meetings. Next week I have the Chicago Macromedia user group meeting on monday. The topic is interesting to me, I tried making components with Flash 5, it was pretty hard. Hopefully its easier now.

Tuesday is the Perlmongers group, the Ruby Meetup group is crashing the Perlmongers group. I’m going with a few perl friends, one of them already in the group. She says she’ll show me what the “one true language” is all about. Hehe.. I’ve done some perl, just haven’t been really into it. I think its rather cryptic. The Ruby guys are going to present Rails to the group, and the Perlmongers is going to present Catalyist. It will be a BATTLE OF THE FRAMEWORKS. My friends and are I going to get a sandwich before the meeting.

Wednesday is the PHP UG meeting.. but.. seeing as I won’t get home till 10 or 11 each night from the other two meetings.. I think I might be too tired.

I guess I’m just tired of being the lone developer at work and I want to meet and talk about programming. I like to discuss design patterns, security, frameworks..etc. Its fun. :)

OH yeah, to you comment spammers. You suck.